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Music Distribution & Indie Artist Support

StreamOnDistro is an independent music distribution company specifically set up to work with and support new and emerging musicians by Distributing their music to streaming platforms worldwide.

We support their music across multiple social media platforms, providing playlist support, submitting songs to music podcasts as well as doing whatever we can do to help grow our artists listeners across streaming platforms worldwide. 

We now also our artists on our very own StreamOnDistro Radio station where we play their music 24/7.

Registration: Free

Music Distribution: €5.00 for first release then unlimited free distribution.

Hidden costs: None 

Commission on streams: 12% basic, (negotiable based on audience size)

Transferring you music across to StreamOnDistro has never been easier, so register now and allow us to support your music.

StreamOnDistro - Music Distributor

StreamOnDistro - Music Distributor

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