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James Brothers Live

1991, Dave Last's record shop in Liskeard was burgled. A benefit gig was organised at the Carlton Suite with a load of local bands. To kick it off the James Brothers took to the stage. Here it is in all it's lo-fi, mistake ridden glory for your delectation.

We only performed 'Bat Out of Hell' a couple of times at our gigs, this was one of them. It was captured on tape. Jim's performance was epic, mine was ropey.

The Blue Grid

This band in the right place could have 'made it'.
A group of bikers and me. Natural talent, raw energy, a 'fuck off' attitude combining Punk and Rock we called 'Runk!'.
Exciting times!


Density 1150

We were boys from the clay villages, hardly old enough to drink in pubs. But we had the energy, determination and love of playing for that not to matter.

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