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Who and What Are You?

I know I'm late to the party and what a party it is! But I've just been exposed to the musical whirlwind that is Jacob Collier...bedazzling! So, how did an old fuddy duddy like me come across this Mozartian genius? By that I suspect that Mozart in all his prodigious, savant like energy was quite a handful, I get the gist that Jacob is as well. But brilliant! Well, because of a VST made by Native Instruments.

The instrument is called 'Jacob Collier - Audience Choir'. It is what is says on the tin and it's brilliantly done. Jacob recorded the audience singing at numerous concerts of his across the world and their singing is now available at a press of a key. This is the blurb:

'Musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier is renowned for his genre-defying productions, electrifying live shows, and innovative approach to harmony. Throughout his Djesse world tour, he captivated audiences by transforming them into harmonious choirs. Now these voices are yours to conduct with this one-of-a-kind choir plugin. The best part? It’s totally free to download.'

Yes, it's FREE, music to my pocket.

So, I watched some Jacob videos and found myself caught up in his enthusiasm, love of music and the sheer confidence he projects in his ability. His audience loves him and the joy emanating even from the device screen, is powerful and infectious. So much so it moved me to compose a song.

The song speaks to everyone, that's the idea anyway. To say that in all of us is the power and wonderment of the Universe, we are the Universe. Joy, love, curiosity, sadness, sorrow, laughter, tears, frustration, confusion are all things all of us 'feel' as humans and these unifying emotions makes us one. As a 'oneness' we can rise above pettiness, greed, materialsm and pursuit of societal power and be at peace. OK, so I've gone a bit hippyish here, but you get my drift I'm sure. I may be talking like some airy fairy guru with no sense of reality so the best thing to do really is listen to the song, that's always the way I communicate the best imho :)

Oh, and by the way! Just to warn you, I do 'sing' on this one. Sorry!

You Know You Are

You say something to me

You fell from the sky

You travelled the oceans

It's cradled in your hands

To radiate afar

You're bright and You're beautiful

Let it course through your life

Caressing your soul

Your light is the universe

Sing it loud with your heart

Your voice echoes far

You're bright and You're beautiful

You know you are

Overwhelming with love

Cascading from you

Completes your existence

The joy of your being

Shines over the bar

You’re bright and you’re beautiful

You know you are

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